Daniel Schuh

Artist Designer Dreamer Doer

Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In his Hamburg times, he spent some time as a freelance designer and worked for agencies, startups, companies and clubs. He works in the fields of branding, graphic, illustration, sculpture and product design. Self-employment has given him the opportunity to develop his own design style, and not run after any trends. Freelance work has taught him to work purposefully and result-oriented, without losing the playful aspect of creative work. But he has always been most influenced by freelance work.

Part of Daniel's work falls into the category of design, while some of his other works fall under the umbrella of illustration, and others fall into the realm of free art. Above all, with the more artistic works he wants to create something beautiful or eye-catching in the emotional sense, while his work in the field of design tends to focus more on the efficiency of sending a message. His inspiration draws Daniel from nature into which he likes to retire. Many of the projects have received international recognition through renowned blogs and magazines such as Silodrome, Return of the Cafe Racers, and so on. The works are primarily in private collections.

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